MPA Society Board

Ron Byron

Ron Byron has been a member of MPA for about 13 years and a resident of the Hampton for over 5 years. His interests include music and computers and he is currently writing his first novel. He is originally from Ontario and has lived in B.C. for 16 years.

With the help of MPA, specifically by MHEAP, the Community Resource Centre and the Hampton, Ron has turned his life around. He is concentrating of community volunteering and thoroughly enjoys giving back by serving as a member of the MPA Board of Directors.

Laurie Campbell

Laurie has been an educator in both the public and private school systems for over 30 years.  She enjoys volunteering in a variety of ways and was a volunteer for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics as a photo assistant at Canada Hockey Place.  Everyone wants to have meaning and purpose in their lives.  Providing hope to others is a vital part of finding meaning and purpose and the MPA Society provides hope for many people in our community.  Laurie values the opportunity to serve others in her role on the Board of Directors of MPA Society.  

Chris Earle

Chris Earle is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) with 30 years of accounting experience in industry. He was attracted to the MPA Society after recognizing the close alignment of his values and those of the MPA Society, in particular equality, empowerment and a member centered approach to providing support. Chris is married with two daughters and enjoys mountain biking, reading and tennis.


Chris Heminsley

Chris is a client-focused, strategic leader with a focus on building long-term relationships. Chris provides strategic advice and guidance on a wide range of topics related to the Energy Industry. Chris has more than 20 years of business experience, and has taken on a variety of leadership positions at BC Hydro. He is very excited about being able to contribute fully as MPA Society Board Member and, like fellow Board members, was attracted to the MPA Society by its longstanding history and success and its member-centred approach and philosophy. 

 Ian McBean

Ian is an independent contractor and is involved in large, lineal, telecommunications projects. His business background of over 30 years is in Development, Construction, and Commercial Real-estate. As part of his personal activities Ian has spent over 30 years as a member of Butokukan Karate teaching children and adults, “Confidence Through Knowledge”, and the MPA’s empowering values align directly with that ideal. He hopes that his career background will help clarify the issues in and around the MPA’s growing and diverse real-estate responsibilities.

 David Brydon

Growing up in Kitsilano in the 1970s, David was vaguely aware of MPA's presence without having any inkling that he would one day be a member. Now, having benefitted from MPA's services since 2009, David hopes to contribute to the organization's future through service to the Board as a member representative. Despite having experienced a lot of growth and change over the decades, MPA remains a dedicated group of people helping other people to help themselves. Who wouldn't want to be part of that? Outside the realm of mental health, David's interests include information technology, human rights and social justice, with a focus on LGBT issues.  

Joe Chu

Joe Chu is a Vancouver police officer with 27 years of service. He has worked in Patrol, Administration, Investigations and is currently the Sergeant for the Neighborhood Police Team in Vancouver's Westside. Also as a crisis negotiator, he had brought about peaceful resolutions to many highly volatile situations, some involving individuals suffering from mental illness.  Joe served on the Board of the BC Crime Prevention Association as well as SUCCESS (an immigrant settlement agency). He also served on several committees with the People’s Law School helping marginalized individuals overcome legal and societal barriers. Joe was attracted to the MPA Society by its member-centered approach and philosophy and looks forward to having the opportunity to contribute as a member of its Board.

Harreson Sito

After being a Computer Systems Analyst, a Unix Systems Administrator, an Actuarial Student, a manager of a cafe, a Wordpress Web Designer, Harreson Sito has found his calling as a Peer Support Worker. The seeds to meet such a calling were planted years ago when he founded a grass-roots organization that supported low income single mothers and their children. In the process of supporting a peer, he utilizes qualities that are both innate, such as compassion and kindness, and those that have been cultivated, such as deep listening and a strength based focus.
Deep down in his soul, Harreson is an artist. He is allowing those aspects to be expressed as he explores photography, writing and music. Don't be surprised if he spontaneously facilitates a group into singing a song!

Jocelyn Palmer

Jocelyn is a retired Provincial Court Judge.  Prior to her appointment, she worked as Crown Counsel from 1989 to 2001 predominantly at 222 Main Street.  As a Provincial Court Judge, Jocelyn was involved in the Drug Treatment Court for 10 years.  Those experiences made it profoundly clear to Jocelyn that adequate housing, and the stability it fosters, is fundamental to improving quality of life for those who are challenged by mental health and addiction issues.  Jocelyn sees the opportunity to become involved with MPA Society, and its very progressive programs, as a way to continue contributing to these vital social issues.

Mary Speer

Mary is a CPA, CGA, who has been working in the non-profit sector since 2008.  She is currently the Director of Finance and Administration for Imagine 1 Day, a charity that supports education initiatives in Ethiopia. Mary was drawn to MPA Society because of the strength of the organization and the calibre of the services and people there, and is excited to the part of the MPA Society team.

John Irving


Until 2014 John was the Chief Legal Officer or equivalent with six major corporations in British Columbia, Ontario and the United Kingdom.  His experience spans the retail, building products, food processing, shipping and energy industries.  He also has significant and varied corporate governance experience.  Since 1981 he has been a lawyer and more recently became a certified director.
John was a director of Family Services of Greater Vancouver until 2014 and has been a director of Encorp Pacific, a product stewardship corporation, since 2014 and the MPA Society since 2015.
John has a Law degree and Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of British Columbia.