Strategic Plan

1) Enhance and expand services and supports for people recovering from mental illness

 Key Actions

  • Develop and utilize a Continuous Quality Improvement  program

Desired Outcome: Demonstrate Best Practices to ensure MPA surpasses standards and masters change effectively

  •  Regularly evaluate programs and services

Desired Outcomes:  Services address the needs of people we serve and support and are evaluated on a regular basis

  • Prepare for Accreditation Survey

Desired Outcome:  3 year CARF Accreditation

  • Cultivate program and service growth opportunities

Desired Outcome:  Increase the number of people served, geographical areas and type of services and programs offered in line with our Mission and Vision

  • Strengthen and expand partnerships with existing groups and explore new partnerships with culturally diverse groups and non‐traditional partners

Desired Outcome: Increase the number of people served, geographical areas and type of services and programs offered in line with our Mission and Vision.

2) Strengthen Board, staff and volunteer capacity

 Key Actions

  •  Develop and communicate organizational principles, approaches and policies and their impact on service delivery and strategic goals

Desired Outcome:  Board, Staff and Volunteers are aware of the society’s principles, approaches and policies and align their efforts to achieve the organization’s Mission, Vision and Philosophy

  • Create a culture that is familiar with the organization’s principles and approaches and embraces MPA Mission, Vision and Philosophy     

Desired Outcome: Board Staff and Volunteers observe MPA Society’s principles and approaches and are able to articulate and demonstrate their support for the organization’s Mission, Vision and Philosophy

  • Develop and implement  a Volunteer Resource Management Plan

Desired Outcome:  Opportunities are created for expanded volunteer engagement

  • Enhance Communications Plan

Desired Outcome:  A communications system that is timely, consistent and reaches all staff and volunteers

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive Human Resources Management Plan that addresses the areas of:

            Recruitment and Retention
            Orientation and Training
           Performance Management
            Development and Evaluation
            HR Information Systems
            Labour Relations and
            Leadership Development

Desired Outcome:  MPA attracts and retains competent and committed staff that provide leadership, guidance, and resources required to deliver excellence in services to our members.

  • Develop and implement a succession plan that identifies key skill sets, documents key information transfer and develops individuals

Desired Outcome:  MPA develops and retains key individuals and ensures the continuity of governance and operational leadership and management

  • Create  and implement a Board Development Plan

Desired Outcome:  MPA Society has a diverse, dynamic Board of Directors who provide leadership in the areas of policy, governance, strategic planning and fundraising and who are able to effectively and actively represent the Society           

Desired Outcome:  MPA Society’s Governance achieves CARF 3 year accreditation

3) To strengthen financial capacity, governance and controls

Key Actions

  • Develop and implement a plan for generating additional revenue

Desired Outcome: Sufficient resources to provide and expand MPA services

  • Uutilize sound planning and management practices in the area of:

            Financial Budgeting and Controls
            Financial Management and Planning
            Risk Management
            Facility and Asset Management
            Information Technology

Desired Outcome: MPA optimizes financial, physical and information resources to enhance the quality of service for members today while maintaining financial stability and ensuring sustainability and expansion of programs and services into the future

4) Heighten and enhance our profile

Key Actions

  • Enhance and expand MPA’s online profile and social network capabilities

Desired Outcome:  A measured increase in information sharing about MPA Society with the broader community and stakeholders

  • Expand Membership Engagement

Desired Outcome:  Members of the Society are informed and take pride in their affiliation with MPA and are champions of their organization

  • Strengthen Marketing and Branding strategies

Desired Outcome:  MPA’s name is associated with excellence in the delivery of services supporting the determinants of health for the population we serve

  • Strengthen Government Relations

Desired Outcome:  Local, Provincial and Federal governments are familiar with the MPA Society and regard it as a valuable and reliable partner