During the 1990’s, MPA Society enhanced its capacity to provide a continuum of housing and support services by developing a Licensed Housing division.

Currently operating with 8 homes in Vancouver and 1 home located in Maple Ridge, Licensed Housing provides housing and supports to 75 people. The Licensed Housing programs have developed and implemented a range of innovative programs aimed at health promotion, prevention and rehabilitation. 

Based on the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation and the belief that recovery is possible, these programs have led to a creative and innovative synergy between residents, staff and a multitude of community partners. As a result, residents continue to achieve remarkable gains in their confidence, recovery and independence.

Supports and Services Offered

Residents in the Licensed Housing programs are engaged in all aspects of the operation of the home and in all phases of their individual recovery from mental illness and addiction issues. This includes:

  • Weekly house meetings
  • Active participation and ongoing evaluation of a recovery plan through identification and development of short term and long term personal goals
  • Medication education and information
  • Encouraging informed risk taking through problem solving in a mutually supportive environment
  • Money management
  • Life skills development including meal preparation, personal appearance, respect for others and self-esteem

Our Mission

To inspire hope and facilitate recovery for individuals with mental health issues using the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation

Our Philosophy

Recovery and hope is achieved through empowerment, autonomy and responsibility


To provide supports and services that create an environment where residents are empowered to make decisions, create and attain self-directed goals and develop positive relationships that lead to living a meaningful life in their community.