Beckman Bridging Program

In 2011, MPA Society opened the Beckman Bridging Program in Maple Ridge. In partnership with the Fraser Health Authority and the Maple Ridge Mental Health Team, this program provides participants with an opportunity to transition from a residential care or community living environment to an independent living environment.


Based on individual strengths and abilities, the Beckman Bridging Program works collaboratively with participants to develop and improve their knowledge and skills related to successful independent living. Supports and services for this program are provided by MPA Society staff, Beckman House staff and the Maple Ridge Mental Health Team.

 Supports and Services offered

  • Medication management and support
  • Money management and support
  • Menu planning and meal preparation support
  • Household management skills
  • Access to community linkages and family supports
  • Educational, vocational, social and volunteer activities,  supports and services
  • Interpersonal skills and social functioning
  • Ongoing assessments of overall health and wellness


The Beckman Bridging Program nurtures an environment of empowerment and self-determination while instilling confidence in participants to successfully live in an independent environment. With a focus on higher-level skill development, participants are encouraged to secure vocational, social and recreational opportunities in the community.