Group Homes

In the 1970’s, the MPA Society created their group home model for individuals with mental illness to reside together in a self help, communal model of supported housing. Today, MPA continues to operate two group homes in East Vancouver and one in Maple Ridge. The homes are co-ed and continue to operate under the principals of a peer supported democratic model.


In Vancouver, each site has on site mental health worker staff support during the weekdays and in Maple Ridge this staff coverage includes weekend coverage. Together, members in these households share chores, meal preparation and other tasks associated with maintaining their home.

Supports and Services Offered

  • Peer support
  • Vocational and educational assistance
  • Money management and budgeting
  • Menu planning and meal preparation
  • Life skills training
  • Accessing community resources
  • Health management & emergency intervention
  • Recreation, leisure & Social connections


The goal of the program is to provide individuals with communal supportive housing while they are developing the skills and support contacts needed to live independently in the community.