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In response to the growing challenge of homelessness in Canada, the Mental Health Commission of Canada is leading the Research Demonstration Projects in Mental Health and Homelessness.  This nationwide research project is being conducted in five cities: Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal and Moncton. Each city has a unique focus and will apply three different approaches to housing homeless individuals.

The Research Demonstration Project in Vancouver is designed to answer questions about what services and supports best achieve housing stability and improved health and well-being for persons who are homeless and mentally ill. All of the five demonstration sites will be based on a Housing First model. Housing First is a philosophy that puts consumer/tenant choice at the center of all considerations with respect to the provision of housing and support services. Treatment and support services are offered on a voluntary basis by off- site service providers.

The demonstration project will provide the opportunity for a number of individuals to receive housing and a variety of supports that may be different than the kinds of supports that are currently available.

MPA Society has been chosen as one of the lead service providers for the project in Vancouver. Specifically, our role will be to secure 200 units of market rental housing and to administer the rental subsidies for the program participants. In doing this, we will continue to build on existing relationship with landlords and actively promote new partnerships within the private rental market through our ongoing community engagement efforts.

To learn more about this exciting project, visit the Mental Health Commission of Canada website.  

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