MPA Portfolio Development Program

Since the inception of the Supported Independent Living Program (SIL) in Vancouver over 15 years ago, MPA Society has been involved in establishing relationships with private landlords and administering private market rental subsidies. Currently, in conjunction with other programs, the MPA Portfolio Development division administers over 500 private market rental housing subsidies.

MPA Society has long believed that the ultimate goals of supported housing are to provide a safe and secure home while empowering individuals living with mental illness to maintain as high a level of independence as possible. We also believe that housing options must be present in all neighborhoods so that individuals can retain existing connections with their family, friends, and other mental health support networks.

We have successfully developed a large and varied portfolio of landlords who recognize the social importance and the business implications of providing safe, affordable and supported housing for people living with mental illness. Our strong ability to support both our tenants and their landlords ensures a successful tenancy is experienced by both.


The Portfolio Development Officers work closely with tenants, landlords and other service providers to motivate and inspire a culture of collaboration. While building on existing relationships, the goal of the MPA Portfolio Development Program is to continue to seek out safe and affordable market rental apartments throughout the Greater Vancouver region.