Sanford Apartments

In 2012, the Sanford Apartment program opened. This program, located in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver is one of the city supported housing sites. Participants live independently in safe and affordable bachelor units within the complex. Half of the tenants receive enhanced services from staff including medication support and a meal program.
This model of supported independent living is based on the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation with efforts directed towards increased self-autonomy, life skills development and empowerment.  Supports and services are provided in partnership with local mental health centers and other community resources.


The Enhanced Supported Housing programs provide flexibility in programming by meeting the individual needs of each participant. MPA Society staff are available 24 hours every day to provide the supports needed by each individual as they strive to achieve their personal goals.

Supports and Services offered

•    Life skills training, meal planning, cooking, budgeting and finances, home management
•    One hot meal service per day
•    Financial subsidies
•    Social and peer support
•    Vocational training/access to volunteer programs
•    Recreation, health and fitness
•    Advocacy and legal services
•    Referrals for mental health and addictions treatment and information
•    Illness and symptom management
•    Client centered medication support program
•    Public transportation
•    Community resources and supports


MPA Society believes that the road to recovery is unique to each individual and involves making informed and educated choices while reclaiming the hope and power to change one’s life for the better. The Sanford Housing Program supports participants to live independently in the Kitsilano neighborhood.