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'Sock Granny' behind annual feat of kindness for Vancouver's homeless

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MPA Society’s call for donations for new socks received an overwhelmingly positive response, thanks to the “Sock Granny.” The article below is a terrific example of how good intentions and word of mouth can translate to warm, dry feet for people in need.

by User Not Found | Dec 11, 2013

The Sock Granny Strikes Again – Be Kind 14 

Submitted by gramabarb on November 29th, 2013 –

Today started with 6 pairs of socks with a promise of 6 more later in the day. I was still hopeful that with so many kind people living in our apartment building that eventually I would reach my goal of 100 pairs of socks that I could give to the homeless and mentally ill. I had given 70 pairs already and everyone was very happy about getting them.

The word was out in today's building newsletter and it read – “Barbara Vance is now being called The Sock Granny! Barbara is collecting socks for the homeless. If you have any socks you would like to donate please see Barbara.” -

At about 10:45 A.M. I received a phone call that some socks were going to be delivered to the lobby and would I come down to meet the person. It turned out to be a friend of a friend who was closing his sock business and he wanted to give what was left of his socks to charity. The Sock Granny was mentioned and delivery was made today much to my surprise!

My family helped organize them for me but first we had to have a little fun and pile a bunch of the socks on top of The Sock Granny for a photograph. (see intro photo)

This afternoon I phoned Molly at the MPA Society Resource Centre for the mentally ill and homeless, that I had 157 more pairs of new socks for her! She arrived within the hour to pick them up and we both enjoyed the excitement of such a generous gift from friends and strangers that was going to make a difference to so many people during the cold days of winter.

Be kind - give a stranger a pair of socks.

Donations of new socks are still being gratefully received at MPA’s Resource Centre at 2275 Fir Street, Vancouver, BC.