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The Inmates are Running the Asylum: Stories from MPA
Vancouver’s MPA (Mental Patients Association) was formed in 1970-71 as a grassroots response to deinstitutionalization and tragic gaps in community mental health. Inverting traditional mental health hierarchies, the group put former patients and sympathetic lay supporters in charge. MPA provided homes, work and a sense of belonging and self-determination to ex-patients.  This is their story...
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Homeless Action Week
In October, 2012, students from Lord Byng High School in Vancouver and Members of the MPA Society Resource Centre got together for a 'Homeless Action Week' art project.  The theme was 'Community' and the goal was dispelling the myths of homelessness.
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"In A Nutshell - Stories of the MPA Society" produced in 2000.
Hourglass 1973
CBC Archive film from an 'Hourglass' documentary produced in 1973 on the fledgeling non profit Society 'Vancouver Mental Patients Association'.