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About MPA Society

We believe recovery is achievable through support, empowerment, autonomy, and responsibility.

Our Mission

To advocate for, and provide respectful, inclusive, healthy and safe housing and person-centered programming options for individuals facing mental health, substance use and housing insecurity challenges

Our Vision

Welcoming, stigma-free communities that support and empower people’s diverse paths to healing, growth and wellness through meaningful and self-directed ambitions


  • Empowerment – Using principles of psychosocial rehabilitation in actively supporting members to become stronger, healthier and more confident in having autonomy over their life and self-directed goals
  • Cultural Health and Safety – Ensuring recognition of the power imbalances in health care and active engagement in creating and supporting environments free of racism and discrimination,  and exploring the rich and diverse cultures, voices, experiences, colonial legacies and stories of all community members.
  • Accountability – With an ongoing commitment to listening and learning, taking responsibility for our actions and outcomes through internal and external reviews, feedback surveys and community evaluations fostering transparency and trust
  • Growth and Partnerships – Recognizing the value of new ideas and partnerships that improve the lives of members and staff informed by a wide array of cultural knowledge and experiences
  • Community and Connection – Valuing the power of future focused and innovative partnerships that guide our work that honours the rich tapestry of human diversity and fosters a sense of belonging through shared experiences

Our Impact

In 2021, MPA Society turned 50! To celebrate this milestone, we invited MPA members to share stories about their experiences throughout the years.

Watch the YouTube video below to listen to the voices of the MPA members we support every day.


In 1971 MPA was formed by a grass roots group of mental patients and like-minded individuals, and began offering housing alternatives and support to people facing the challenges of mental illness.

MPA now facilitates housing and support for over 1,000 people in 13 municipalities in the GVRD and employs over 300 staff in 34 unique programs that offer a range of services including advocacy, community resources, homeless outreach, and a continuum of community, supported, enhanced, licensed and housing first programs.


MPA Society provides safe and comfortable housing in five cities in Greater Vancouver, supporting over 800 people in their community neighborhoods.

Our Leadership

Learn about MPA Society leadership including our elected board of directors, and our leadership staff team.

MPA Society Is CARF Accredited For 3 More Years

We did it again! In 2021, MPA Society was awarded with another 3-year CARF Certification, the highest possible level of achievement.

Our Partners