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Past Exhibition: 2021 March

MPArt’s First Virtual Art Show

This page showcases some of the artworks that were featured in the 2021 MPArt Virtual Art Show.

Gary Dumas


Oil on canvas. 18x24.

$ 120


Dave Peterse

Fading Away

Felt marker on canvas. 16x20.

$ 100

Blair Paul

Minds Eye

Marker on paper. 12x12.

$ 80



Lillian Louie

Self Portrait

Acrylic on canvas. 16x16.

$ 100

Julia Russell

Finding Home

Acrylic on canvas. 11x14.

$ 150

Carol Tran

Rose & Gladiolus Garden

Acrylic on canvas. 16x20.

$ 150

Dale Flett


Mixed media on canvas. 16x20.

$ 150

Mae Lee

Acrylic on canvas. 18x24.

$ 100

Cheryl Morton

Sun Set on Fire

Acrylic on canvas. 14x18.

$ 100

Mildred German


Mixed media on canvas. 24x36.

$ 200

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If you really love a piece, please consider supporting the artist with a purchase of their work.

Purchase of Art

All artwork is available for purchase.

If you really love a piece, consider supporting the artist.
In fact, many of the artists have several pieces available, and arrangements can be made to view them.
Many of the artists featured have multiple pieces available.
To make arrangements to view additional options, please Contact Us.