Rosemary Mah

Rosemary Mah was born and grew up in the Killarney area of East Vancouver.

Rosemary has been a proud member of MPA Society for 5 years. Throughout this time Rosemary has lived in MPA housing programs. She has become an active member of the Resource Centre in recent years and enjoys the social and recreational activities offered. She also donates her time through volunteering at the RC once a week.

Rosemary has previous experience serving on boards of directors with non-profits within the sector and will bring that knowledge and experience to the MPA Society Board.

Rosemary likes to spend her spare time watching sporting events, listening to music and socializing with friends.

Rosemary is passionate about self-empowerment, recovery, and community.

Rosemary wants to serve on the board to represent diversity and to provide a strong member voice.